Masadir follows a 10 point time tested recruitment and selection process to ensure success.

Selection Plan

Masadir approaches every unique opportunity with a customized resourcing strategy. It is important to plan to ensure a high conversion ratio. Each opportunity comes along with a new set of complexities and with effective planning and execution, the success rate is higher. Before resourcing a considerable amount of time is spent on analyzing the opportunity in terms of Education, JDs, platforms, availability in volumes, compensation, timeline, Geo-location, duration, gender, security clearance, industry verticals, culture, organization structure, market mapping, the relevant job board for resourcing, etc.

Resume Screening
The parameters for resourcing and shortlisting candidates will be customized based on the role. For instance the job title, attributes, Education, Experience, Certification if applicable, problem solving skills analytical, leadership, solutions, risk management, maturity and emotional stability, communication skills, comprehension and expression, compensation, Notice period, Languages. The above are some of the parameters that are applied through an Applicant Tracking System whereby the screening is based on the filtration process to eliminate candidates that do not qualify and a long list is prepared.
Shortlisting for interviews

This is a critical stage which is based on an objective process and candidates are shortlisted based on the scoring. Only those that score 90% and above will qualify for interviews with the clients as time is of importance and irrelevant candidates impacts the quality of the delivery, for all stakeholders.

Interviews and standards for selection

Preliminary interviews are conducted based on the scope and the job profile. These could be telephonic, video conferencing, face to face, panel interviews. Once the interview is concluded an interview form is completed and based on the scoring recommendation is done further action. Candidate profiling is undertaken for each resource that will provide a summary of each candidate.

Masadirs Team

Masadir has a diversified team of Talent Acquisition specialists with 3-30 years’ experience in recruitment and selection. There are sector specialists such as Management, IT/Telecom, Healthcare, Energy, Hospitality, Supply Chain, FMCG, EPC, BFSI, etc. These specialists are constantly on the talent hunt through data mining, headhunting, in constant interaction with talent in the market, industry peers, screening, and join some of the panelists.


Masadir has a strategic tie-up with international assessment centers that has a battery of assessments that are based on various technical and functional roles. These will provide an objective assessment of the candidate’s technical credentials. This process is done based on the scope of work agreed with the clients and commercial factors.

Interview Orientation

Masadir undertakes an orientation prior to the interviews in terms of the job title, job  description, compensation and benefits, interview time/location, time lines, onboarding process so that the client can focus on the core technical suitability during the interviews and revalidate other role dependencies.

Talent Suitability

Masadir commits that the candidates that are proposed meet the technical criteria. The final selection is always done by the client based on the recommendation. Masadir also looks at stability factor that the candidates commit to the duration of the project due to competitive compensation and benefits on offer. Masadir also ensures that the candidates would not have any impediments to join, through the screening process that is undertaken.

Follow up

Masadir teams will follow up on the well being of the candidates post joining to ensure that all stakeholders are satisfied with the process and result. However, for any reason, if the candidate’s performance is unsatisfactory before the completion of the probation period the client can terminate and a replacement will be provided.

Filtration process

Masadir undertakes multi-level screening to ensure that the resources go through a 360-degree vetting and mitigate any risk for all the stakeholders:

Technical suitability

CV reviews, telephonic, VC or F2F interviews based on the need, final interviews with the customer.

Education Validation

The candidate will have to present attested certificates, for certain roles.

Professional Reference Check

This is undertaken with three of the past professional references with previous employers.

Security Clearance

This is done through availing police clearance certificates, in addition to state clearance undertaken by some of the customers too.

Medical Clearance

This is undertaken for certain roles and scope agreed with the clients post selection, before offer is finalized.