Management is a broad domain that covers all management resources levels. Leadership and mid-levels within various functional verticals such as CXO, Finance, Marketing, Human Resources, Operations, Corporate communications, Supply chain, Administration, Automation, Legal, Audit, Customer Care, etc. Having the right people at all levels will determine the success of the organization. Because of its global outreach, the team at Masadir has access to outbound and inbound opportunities, as there are compelling trends where reverse migration is bringing valuable talent, while others would explore overseas opportunities to gain that international experience and exposure. Given the geographical spread, it is essential that opportunities are matched with career aspirations and the ability to adapt to new work locations. Therefore suitability, mobility, and stability are equally important factors that are dealt with through in-depth screening.

Today’s managers have a challenge to deal with teams that are geographically spread; in friendly as well as hazardous locations; office-based as well as those with remote work options; with statutory and labor regulations that are either too lax or too stringent; workplace challenges that need to address diversity and equal opportunity issues; roles that seek quick and clear career progression opportunities; compensation and rewards that are sustainable yet able to retain strategic talent.

The recruitment team at Masadir has extensive industry experience that helps resourcing, screening, and closing assignments with speed, tact, and accuracy. Job Titles worked on including CXO levels, Consultants, Vice Presidents, Directors, Managers, Regional Heads, Team Leaders, Specialists, Executives, Officers, Coordinators.