Energy, Power, Utilities, Engineering are in constant demand across the globe to fuel the needs of a growing population, industries, production, distribution, transport, leisure, offices, residences, and various other facilities. The traditional sources of energy consist of Hydrocarbon linked: Oil, Gas, Petrochemicals, and other sources such as Minerals, Nuclear, or alternative sources such as Tidal, Hydro, Wind, Solar Energy. The availability of these resources and human talent to support its extraction, refinement, and transmission is spread across multiple geographic areas, onshore, offshore and time zones. This sector also deals with opportunities related to industries that are heavily dependent on Energy such as Petrochemicals, Chemicals, Heavy Industries, Manufacturing, and Factories.

At Masadir, we have experienced team of Talent Acquisition and Executive Search consultants that can undertake resourcing of top-notch talent within these functional domains. Our consultants are excellent in handling requirements from all the Engineering departments such as Mechanical, Electrical, Chemical, Electronics, Instrumentation/Control, Industrial, Civil, Electro-Mechanical, Marine, Petroleum, Automotive, Locomotive, Aeronautical, and others. Our long-term association with organizations that seek these talents demonstrates our success and excellence in this sector. Job Titles managed includes CTO levels, Consultants, VP, Directors, Project Managers, Superintendents, Specialists, Team Leaders, Engineers, Supervisors, Technicians, Operations. These could be deployed in the realm of Projects, Design, EPC, O&M, QHSE, Inspection & Audit, Certifications, R&D, and others.