Adapting to the new medium of remote interviews

Covid-19 pandemic has accelerated the trend of working remotely and taking transactions online. Online Interviews has garnered more popularity than the traditional form. The companies with no remote work requirement, are also shifting towards Online. To land a job during this pandemic you must adapt yourself with new way of working. Following are some of the tips to prepare yourself for remote interviews, to be able to stand out, amongst others.

Interview Preparation:   

You need to prepare in advance just like you would do for an on-site interview.

  • Resume – You need to identify your skills, list them out so that the interviewer can find it valuable, while interviewing you.
  • Prepare the venue – Prepare the venue well in advance, from where you will attend the interview. It does not matter whether it is a ‘over the phone interview’ or ’video interview’.
  • Check List – Do a test-run with your webcam and lights well in-advance. Check your internet connectivity. Take care of the little things, such as the background is clear and clutter free, the Battery/Power is charged up.
  • Dress Code – Dress formally, as that is how you will make the first impression.
  • Start Time and Time Zone – Join the given link in advance, you do not want to be late for an online interview. Check for Time Zone to be on time.
  • Etiquettes –Learn the remote Interview etiquettes, to become aware of the details.
  • Research –Research about the company in detail.

During Interview:

  • Resume – Keep your resume and other details handy while attending the interview.
  • Activeness – Be proactive while answering the questions. You should articulate properly.
  • Understanding – Once you have exchanged pleasantries, show that you understand the company as well as job role. Study the job description well ahead.
  • Technical Difficulties – It is opportunity to demonstrate how good you are under pressure. In the event of the Internet connection going down or an unexpected power outage, keep an alternate solution ready at hand, like a cellphone, which can be used to reconnect.
  • Two-way Conversation –Make it a 2-way conversation, communicate proactively, and understand what they want to convey.
  • Positive Mindset –Keep a positive mindset. Assume you will do well no matter what. This will take you further on a good note.
  • Market oneself –You need to market yourself to prove your worthiness, on how you can add value once you are hired. Independent, Trustworthy and Responsive candidates are the choice of the hiring managers. 

Interview Questions:

  • Experience – Prior experience matter a lot, in terms of – Have you worked from home before, issues related to remote work, what kind of work/job roles have you handled in the past etc.
  • If WFH 1st time – Mention that how actively you can complete the tasks on time and how accessible you are.
  • Skills – How skillful you are in terms of latest technologies and how much flexible you are with timings.
  • Home Office setup – In Work from home culture or as we say WFH, your office setup should be good enough to accommodate you comfortably in various terms, such as Power back-ups, Internet connections, your work desk.  
  • What is your biggest challenge as a WFH Employee – You need to be a team player, as you are not working from office, instead you are here on your own with limited communications with your supervisors. So, you need to demonstrate how on you would plan to manage your task on your own.
  • How do you schedule and stay motivated – How do you prioritize your work in a calendar and stay motived with high level pressure or multitasking job roles? Turning off your all push notifications during working hour can help you to focus on your work a lot.    

Questions to ask to your interviewer:

  • Remote work policies – What are the Remote work policies, whether it is a Permanent WFH or Temporary one.
  • Communication Tools – What kind of tools or technologies are being used for communication in your company for WFH.
  • Evaluation – Sometimes WFH employees could feel left behind in terms of Advance opportunities and Performance feedbacks. How you will be evaluated is also another factor in evaluation process.
  • What does a successful remote worker look like to you/Interviewer – Performance level or the Timings you put in with your efforts, matters a lot.

Measure the interviewer’s response to these questions. Are you able to perform at a level which is acceptable and considered successful in this company? If yes, then you are heading into the job knowing, what they are looking for.    You must thank the Interviewer after the interview at least within 24 hr timeline.